Corporate Maintenance Agreement

In todays world, information technology products are among the essentials of businesses. Currently, even in the least developed regions of our country, there is at least one notebook or desktop computer and peripheral in each institution. Because now our age and requirements make this mandatory. While a tradesman uses his own information technologies products for fun and socialization, all these products constitute the biggest source of sustainable service for our SMEs.

As such, businesses must make efforts to prevent the malfunction and malfunction of these products, and do not interfere with maintenance and repair processes. This task is done by IT departments in medium and large-scale companies. However, in small businesses, this service is obtained from an external IT company.

You can carry out the service you will receive in this area to a certain extent, but when it comes to electronic circuit failures, the intervention of a specialist team is now necessary. I hope that no breakdown will go down to the level of electronic equipment, but this will certainly happen. It is precisely here that the "Corporate Maintenance Agreement" entered by the IT companies to small businesses.

What is this “Corporate Maintenance Agreement”?

It is an agreement that aims to prevent your business from failing unexpectedly by periodically maintaining and repairing the information technology products (desktop / laptop, monitor, printer, fax, modem, scanner, router, etc.) in your business within the scope of the contract.

In this context; the IT company with which you have an agreement, periodically visits your business whether it is a problem or not, or follows the current status of the devices by remote connection method. It provides the electronic circuit cleaning of the devices you use in necessary periods and minimizes the possibility of failure. Thanks to this technical service you receive periodically, you will focus on your business and you will not waste time.

Laptops are the most common products that fail due to negligence.

Common problems are:

  • Charging socket malfunction
  • Battery failure Malfunctions caused by liquid contact
  • Malfunctions due to overheating caused by pollution
  • Keyboard malfunctions

Almost all of the items listed above are the solutions of technical services that require expertise. If the absence of your computer even for an hour will disrupt your work and create customer victimization, make a “Corporate Maintenance Agreement” with an IT company where you can get expert technical service and close the door to surprises.