What is IoT ? Where can be used ? What is benefit to us ?

The trend statement of recent years is "The day will come without IoT today". So what is IoT? What makes it so important in our future? 

Internet of Things (IoT) is called the internet of things in our language. Simply put, with IoT technologies, you will be able to open your door on your mobile phone without using a key, and your coffee will be ready before you come home. will do it for you. 

Shall we push our imagination a little more? 

Your car and your house will start talking to each other. Even your vehicle; he will talk to your boiler, coffee machine, door. We can say that the parking lot will find and park itself, there will be no traffic lights or even traffic. 

Internet of Things; continues to be a part of our life every day. Whether you want it or not, the developing technologies and the products developed come into our lives integrated into this concept. iota; the desire of people to control it centrally is the result of their needs such as facilitating their lives, using time efficiently and feeling safe. 

The Internet is a low cost communication tool that we can easily access in almost any environment. So what can be done with such a communication tool? When you question this and consider the developing technologies, you can realize that you can control almost everything from where you live with the internet. 

"With IoT at the door of change, are you ready for change?"

In smart structures, environment, transportation, energy, disaster and emergency management, our lives will change a lot with the communication of smart systems, internet and objects.

So what is IoT?

IoT emerged in 1991 with the idea of ??monitoring the coffee machine with cameras by a group of academics at Cambrige University. In the years to come, the concept of  Internet Of Things is said by Kevin Ashton. IoTs intellectual father can be regarded as Kevin Ashton, and it is intended to enable objects to communicate with each other. IoT, which does not have a very old history, has taken a long distance in a short time, has become a concept with high popularity, and has taken its place in our lives with the devices we use consciously or indirectly.

Where is IoT Used? What Does IoT Benefit

We talked about its use in our daily life at the entrance. iota; It is used in the fields of agriculture, medical and health, energy, transportation, etc. 

In the field of agriculture; With the help of the sensors placed in the soil, irrigation is done by controlling the humidity and weather conditions in the soil. In this way, the productivity in the soil increases faster. 

Equipment is being developed to closely monitor human health in the medical and health fields. While a heart-sick person is in crisis, systems are being developed that instantly call the emergency services and automatically send the location of the patient and enable quick intervention. 

Transportation is the most common IoT solution for now; Depending on the traffic density, we can say that the burning times of the traffic lights are dynamically controlled. 

Systems using the Internet of Things infrastructure; it provides faster knowledge and correct decisions about the subject. Easy traceability saving time and money is the biggest gain it provides us. 

Along with the IoT, a serious increase in welfare progress was targeted and concentrated on smart cities.