Elektronik Bilgi Sistemleri

The heart of the industry was established in Kocaeli; we are a dynamic software company that values ​​knowledge and experience, is open to new ideas, supports continuous development.

High-traffic, scalable, reliable software and infrastructure solutions are our main areas of expertise. We are interested in wireless communication technologies, image processing and artificial intelligence, and we are constantly investing in ourselves to develop value-added products.

Our motto in professional life is, “Think, plan and execute”

With the desire to be a part of the digital ecosystem that encompasses the whole world; we continue to work in parallel with the requirements of our age.



Needs Analysis and Requirements Assessments

Identifying the requirements with industry standard tools and find solutions.

  • Textual templates
  • Workflow diagrams
  • End User interface prototype studies

Application Development Life Cycle

Developing and servicing the solution appropriate to the problem using the right technologies.

  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Development
  • Test
  • Publishing

Support and Training Services

End-user training and support studies before and after the go live.

  • End-user training
  • Ticket Support
  • On-site Support

Consulting and Management

Management of new applications and services of adding new functions.

  • Application Management
  • Reporting
  • Change Management
Road Map

We Walk to New Ideas with High Motivation

  • To provide the qualified information that they need in the field of information technologies and to direct them to the right solutions.
  • With the products we develop; to close the gap of accessible, safe and easy solutions of SMEs in the field of basic information technology,
  • Specific to the requirements of enterprises; Develop package applications,
  • To be present with new value added products in the Internet of Things market,

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