The Importance of Digital Marketing in Trade

In recent years, it has become very difficult to create a sustainable business model. Because now the competitive environment is harder and harder than ever. There are too many businesses doing similar jobs. Those who have managed to survive are generally very strong, that is, companies that have reached a mass of bone customers or those who play the game according to the rule.

One of the keys to success in the 20th century is to create awareness. If hundreds of companies offer product A or service, why should the consumer choose you? Or what should you do for the consumer to choose you? If you want to keep up with the age, be more visible and accessible, what you need is “Digital Marketing” services.

What is “Digital Marketing” for trading with very simple examples? Lets try to explain how it contributes to you.

There is a product you need and you are in the research stage. Many consumers no longer prefer to purchase without preliminary research on the web. If the service you offer or the product you sell does not exist in any market place (N11, Hepsiburada, Trendyol, Gitti Gidiyor, Amazon etc ...) or even you do not have a website, we can say that the beginning of the end has begun for you. Because in this case, your competitors are more accessible to you and you are rapidly losing your share in the market. 

So what are the opposite possibilities, now lets examine it. Your services or products you provide are displayed on a marketplace platform and your website is also available. In this case, you will fight to be more visible and accessible with hundreds of companies with the same conditions as you. Who do you think will be the winner of this war? Of course, those who market their products and services correctly and originally will always be at the forefront.

In a situation where the consumer faces many alternatives while doing product or service research; It is very unlikely that they will prefer you among the products and services that have the same copy and paste content. For this reason, you should always make sure that you have original product photos and product detail content while placing your products on the market. In fact, if you have the opportunity, you can carry out studies consisting of visual items specific to each product and referred to as “lifestyle product content” in the literature.  

Of course, these processes are subjects that require expertise in a certain area. There are many institutions serving in the field of digital marketing. You can get services in this area:

  • E-Commerce Systems Consultancy
  • Social Media Consultancy
  • Product Catalog and Graphic Services
  • Advertising and Marketing Services
  • Product / Service Based Video Banner Services

like this.  

In fact, all of these titles are continuation of one another, if not one and the other is not. When you use all of them as a whole, they are the service items that you will surely get. Large-scale companies already have departments that do these jobs. What SME enterprises need to do is to get external consultancy or direct services in this field.